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Karl Griffin being interviewed on BBC Out of Doors

Jake Gyllenhaal and myself - Eversest th

Dave Cuthberson on location with Jake Gyllenhaal

Karl Griffin
Karl lives with his wife and child in Ballachulish. Drawn to Mountains of Glencoe, he moved to Scotland over 15 years ago. Having travelled the world working in the oil industry, the call of the hills and his family made him take a leap of faith and changed his career. Glencoe Photography was born. 

The first couple of years were tough and Karl took on all aspects of photography from Weddings, Commercial, and Sports. He has been published in several magazines and has tutored all around the UK for the German Magazine Fotomag. Now the business has grown, Karl  is in the fortunate position of specialising in what he loves best, Landscapes and sharing that passion with others.
He has now been tutoring for over a decade and his friendly concise approach has won him high praise among his clients.

Based in Ballachulish, just one mile from Glencoe, gives both Karl and Dave that local knowledge you don't get from other providers. The Glen is renowned for its shifting light and ever-changing weather and that expertise means you get in the best location at the right time. 


Dave 'Cubby' Cuthbertson,
Cubby makes a living as an international mountain guide which he combines with photography and providing safety and consultancy to the TV and film industry. Some of his more prestigious assignments include Five Days One Summer (Sean Connery), the recent Everest movie (Kiera Knightly and Jake Gyllenhaal) and Touching the Void. In the latter Cubby played something of a starring role when he doubled for Joe Simpson and re enacted stunts for one of the most famous falls in climbing history.

His work in media and as a mountain guide has taken him all over the world. But it was not until the mid nineties when he founded Cubby Images that he started working as a professional photographer. Initially the focus was on climbing and outdoor photography but it wasn’t long before he developed an intrigue for landscapes. Much of his work adorned the pages of the popular magazines at that time, not to mention books calendars, tabloids and catalogues etc. Clients have included Berghaus, Vango, Red Bull, and Vodafone to name a few.

While Cubby will always pursue an opportunity to photograph climbers in action his real passion is landscapes.

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