I was lucky enough to be working for Freiraum, the largest German photography guiding company, in conjunction with the German Fotomagazine guiding around Cornwall. I had not been to that part of the world for a long time and so decided to refresh my memory with a couple of days scouting out locations. Here are a few of my pics from the area.

I must have been having a black and white phase, mainly due to the lack of light, and I love his shot of Wheal Coates disused mine. A long exposure and soft graduated filters gave me this transition from dark foreground light ruin to light sky and dark ruin.

Still in black and white, this shot of Godrevy Lighthouse was around 4 minutes. It was windy and so to achieve a sharp shoot I had to huddle behind a rocky outcrop in the lea of the wind. A minimalist shot which is unusual for my style.

Trevose Head lighthouse is a great location. I can only image what it must be like with a stunning sunset. As it was with flat light, I popped on the 10 stop filter which gave me a soft and mystical sky.

St Michael’s Mount is a must and I visited it a couple of times during my stay in Cornwall. Again, a long exposure allowed me to capture the tide coming in. Unfortunately  a couple of clients did not heed my warning about the tide and so had to get the boat back off the Island.

Slightly faster shutter speed captures the minute a wave crashes over the causeway. Yes I did get my  feet wet.

The surf was up during my stay and although I am no portrait photographer, I was captured by the stories on the faces of these guys. Believe it or not this is my favourite shot of my stay. This guy came racing in the car park in his works van and was sprinting to the beach while trying to get on his wetsuit. Just for a brief second he stopped to asses the conditions which allowed me to capture this.